Why did we call this site Firewall Proxy? Simple, in a computing environment, a firewall is an network security device that was designed to control and regulate incoming and outgoing traffic based on a predefined set of rules. Firewalls establish a barrier between networks, helping to divide a network between a trusted and untrusted area. Similarly, Firewall proxy provides you with a barrier to the internet and helps you block out dangerous malware, viruses and Trojans. Many people have attempt to create a high quality proxy with similar technical blocking power to a corporate firewall. Although Firewall Proxy is certainly not an enterprise level firewall solution, we are confident that it can improve your safety online. The benefits of our free Firewall Proxy service are numerous - faster surfing than other proxies, higher anonymity and the ability to avoid blocked internet connections. Please ensure that you use the site responsibly and do not break laws in your country. We hope you enjoy using Firewall Proxy!